Breaking down the Greater Columbus donations to the Canadian trucker convoy

Leaked documents reveal that 185 donations totaling more than $10k originated from Columbus-area zip codes

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
A police officer stands in front of trucks blocking downtown streets as a rally against COVID-19 restrictions, which began as a cross-country convoy protesting a federal vaccine mandate for truckers, continued in Ottawa on Wednesday.

People in the United States donated millions of dollars in support of the trucker convoy that for weeks took over the Canadian capital and shut down a pair of border crossings, according to leaked fundraising data posted online in mid-February.

There were more than 55,000 U.S.-based donations made through the fundraising site GiveSendGo. Of those, 185 donations in the total amount of $10,151 were made from zip codes associated with the Greater Columbus area, according to Alive's analysis of the data.

In an interview with The Washington Post, GiveSendGo founder Jacob Wells said the hack did not necessarily reveal specific donor’s identities, since users are not required to give an authentic name or email address (though many did). Donors were required to provide a zip code when making a credit card transaction to guard against potential fraud, though, information that revealed the locations of those in the U.S. who made donations. 

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GiveSendGo, which has experienced multiple security breaches in the last year, emerged as a primary source for convoy funding after GoFundMe stopped accepting donations in early February, citing violations of the company’s rules on violence. “GoFundMe supports peaceful protests and we believe that was the intention of the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser when it was first created,” the company wrote in a statement. “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.”

The highest number of donations in the Columbus area originated from 43081, a zip code that covers Westerville, Huber Ridge, Little Turtle, Sharon Woods and Hoover Dam, with 17 donations totaling $922. The zip code 43202, centered in the Old North, was close behind in dollar amount, if not total donors, with seven donations totaling $810.

A number of the Columbus-area donations were also accompanied by messages written in support of the truckers, most of which were fairly nondescript, quoting bible passages or broadly citing tyranny. Others ventured into murkier territory, adopting language common to the QAnon conspiracy (“We must save the children”) and making more explicit threats of violence. “Of Treadeu,” wrote one Ohio donor, misspelling the name of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, “resign or get the rope.”

Here’s a full breakdown of Columbus-area donations by zip code:

43004: Two donations totaling $140

43016: Three donations totaling $175

43017: Seven donations totaling $420

43026: Eight donations totaling $170

43035: Seven donations totaling $407

43054: Five donations totaling $191

43065: Nine donations totaling $625

43081: Seventeen donations totaling $922

43085: Eight donations totaling $635

43110: Eight donations totaling $460

43119: Two donations totaling $60

43123: Eleven donations totaling $201

43125: Four donations totaling $130

43137: One donation totaling $100

43147: Four donations totaling $120

43202: Seven donations totaling $810

43204: Four donations totaling $140

43206: One donation totaling $100

43207: Two donations totaling $160

43209: Four donations totaling $103

43211: One donation totaling $20

43212: Three donations totaling $95

43213: One donation totaling $10

43214: Five donations totaling $602

43215: Three donations totaling $305

43220: Seven donations totaling $310

43221: Ten donations totaling $525

43223: One donation totaling $36

43224: Six donations totaling $260

43227: Three donations totaling $85

43228: Three donations totaling $30

43229: Five donations totaling $385

43230: Twelve donations totaling $569

43231: One donation totaling $10

43232: Two donations totaling $30

43235: Eight donations totaling $810

The donations by the numbers

  • In the Columbus area, 182 donors made 185 total donations (three individuals donated twice)
  • These 182 donors contributed a total of $10,151, making the average Columbus-area donation sent in support of the truckers $55.77
  • The largest individual donation was $500, made by two different people 
  • The zip code 43214 contributed the highest average donation, with five donations totaling $602, an average of $120.40 per donor
  • Finally, I just wanted to highlight the $5 donation paired with the $500 comment: “DO NOT CONCEDE, DEFEND YOURSELF, YOUR PEOPLE, THE AUTHORITIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS THEY ARE ALL SNAKES IN THE GRASS.”