Daily Distraction: Defector publishes the infamous Ohio State football PowerPoint

'Will you Rip open your Chest give us your hearts'

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Urban Meyer

You'd be forgiven for losing track of all the Urban Meyer-related controversies from the last couple of years, but one of the recent incidents involved former Ohio State cornerback Marcus Williamson, who, in early January, took to Twitter to air some grievances about his former coach.

In the thread, Williamson mentioned a 2017 team meeting in which a photo of Trayvon Martin was used to illustrated the rule of "no hoods" in the building.

Meyer initially denied this ever happened, then later had to admit it did, in fact, happen, but Meyer claimed he didn't know about it.

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Anyway, Diana Moskovitz at Defector got her hands on the PowerPoint in question, which had since been edited to remove the Martin photo. "Here’s the thing," Moskovitz writes. "Even without the photo of Trayvon, the presentation is still very strange. It’s as if someone tried to take the tone and cadence of a stereotypical football coach yelling into a player’s face and translated that into, of all things, a PowerPoint."

Somehow, the football clichés take on a darkly comedic tone in the context of the slides, complete with utterly random capitalization in bullet points like, "Will you Rip open your Chest give us your hearts."

A slide from a Ohio State football presentation

Check out the Defector story for a complete rundown, including a link to the full presentation.