Daily Distraction: Ohio State marching band's music makes a cameo on 'SNL'

TBDBITL's take on the Journey hit 'Don't Stop Believin'' from the 2012 album 'Buckeye Nation' was the centerpiece of a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch featuring Zoe Kravitz

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
The Ohio State University Marching Band performs Script Ohio in October.

The Ohio State University marching band makes national news from time to time, but usually because of its themed formations and meticulously planned performances at Buckeye football games. But over the weekend, TBDBITL showed up in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring host Zoe Kravitz. 

The scene takes place at a brunch spot, where a group of friends discuss recent pop songs they love, and SNL's Bowen Yang charts a different course, describing his obsession with a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" by the OSU marching band, "the biggest band in the world."

The funniest part, to me, is that when Yang's character asks his phone to play the song, he has to say "Don't Stop Belevin" because "there's a typo on Spotify," which, when you look up the actual song on the OSU marching band's 32-track (!) 2012 album, Buckeye Nation, there is, indeed, the same typo.

The SNL video is approaching 800k views on YouTube. Check it out below.