Daily Distraction: Derek Thompson debunks 'nobody wants to work'

Data points reveal a country where nearly everyone wants to work

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Office Depot is among the businesses wanting to hire.

Last year, Alive wrote about "The myth of 'nobody wants to work'," a story that delved into the talking point of staff shortages resulting from lazy citizens who, amid the pandemic, no longer had the desire or willpower to keep their jobs or find new ones.

In the year since publication, that narrative has only become more ingrained in American culture. For much of the country, "nobody wants to work" is a truism, not a theory. 

Derek Thompson at The Atlantic, though, remains unconvinced. In a newsletter posted this morning, the writer breaks down the prevaisentiment into three distinct narratives: 

1. Americans don’t want to work anymore.

2. Most Americans hate their job, and the pandemic made them really hate their job.

3. The Great Resignation is a reflection of that job hatred.

"All of these stories are wrong," Thompson writes, going on to debunk each claim easily and succinctly. Give it a read here.