The List: The worst places to propose in Columbus

You could actually do worse than a TSA security line

The Blystone family farm includes a steakhouse, an events center and a market, including a butcher and bakery. We don't recommend proposing there.

Yesterday, the Transportation Security Administration posted a photo of a young man proposing to his future wife at the foot of a body scanner in the security line of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. According to TSA’s Instagram post, the woman said yes, which is a little surprising given the previous sentence we just wrote. 

The bizarre (i.e. terrible) proposal location got us thinking: Where are the worst spots to get down on one knee with a ring in Central Ohio? Since this is Columbus Alive, we decided to not just ask the question and laugh at each other’s suggestions, but publish an entire list about it. Journalism!

Local Cantina

No, not that one. The other one. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not that one, either. The other one.

Onstage at the Basement

With such poor sightlines, everyone will be forced to watch the proposal on those TVs above the bar.

The Statehouse

True, the Statehouse rotunda is quite beautiful, and the manicured lawn is picturesque. But just like your college roommate’s nicely made bed, the well-kept exterior can’t replace the memories of the horrible things that went on inside.

6827 N. High St., Suite 121

This office in a nondescript Worthington complex has a history of which you don’t want any part.


Things tend to not end well there.

Spelling ‘Will you marry me?’ in a CPD helicopter

It’s best not to kick off your marriage with another controversy.

The site where the Columbus statue once stood

Unless you want to spend a bulk of the proposal shooing away Josh Mandel.

The Book Loft

With 32 rooms packed inside the maze-like structure, your great aunt will never find the proper location in time.

The Arnold statue

If it’s a dude proposing, it’s best not to invite comparisons with a guy who won the title of Mr. Universe multiple times. You will never measure up to that statue, man.

The Gates of Hell

Even when you explain that it’s actually a pretty cool, mysterious place despite its name, you still have to use the term “drainage tunnel.”

Blystone Farm

Unless you want to start off your marriage with the restaurateur/former gubernatorial candidate making baseless accusations of fraud. A better option? Nickajack Farms.