Columbus Alive is going away

Friday, June 3, marks the final day will publish new content

Columbus Alive
Columbus Alive

We won’t bury the lede: is shutting down. Yeah, we know. It’s a long and winding story featuring economic forces, changing consumer behavior and a bunch of other stuff that, to steal a line from Hemingway, came gradually then suddenly.

As loyal readers know, Alive stopped its print publication in July 2019. Since then, Andy Downing and Joel Oliphint tirelessly and relentlessly produced a newsletter five times a week focused on edgy arts coverage and the exploration of the intersection of culture and social issues. Alive broke big stories, uniquely documented the local music and arts scenes, added playfully pointed commentary, slipped in a bit of silly fun and showcased big-name writers, such as acclaimed poet Maggie Smith and MacArthur genius grant recipient Hanif Abdurraqib.

It was also a large undertaking for two people — unsustainable for the long haul in its current setup. We made the tough decision to sunset Alive, and the last day of publishing new content on is June 3 — same for sending the newsletter. 

As you may know, Andy left on May 20 for a new gig with the Coda Collection. Joel is staying with Dispatch Magazines,’s home base that also publishes Columbus Monthly and Columbus CEO. (You can sign up for those newsletters here.)

We thank our current talented freelancers for their work, all the past writers, editors, designers, sales staff members, circulation folks and anyone who had anything to do with Alive over these more than 30-some years. 

And we thank you for your support of Columbus Alive

It’s been quite a ride together.