Daily Distraction: Watch this speedy squirrel delay a Columbus Clippers game

It goes about how you'd expect

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Squirrels: cute, fast and difficult to catch, even for professional athletes.

Once temps in Columbus start rising around mid-May, my dog — a lean, wiry beagle mix named Rosie — begins chasing squirrels and chipmunks in our yard. Watching these hunts is better than a National Geographic documentary. I'll sometimes narrate the proceedings in my head while staring out the window as Rosie slowly and silently creeps toward a chipmunk underneath my birdfeeder, freezing like a statue when it pokes its head up, then running and pouncing when the time is right.

This past week my dog has killed five chipmunks. Do I feel a bit sad when I find yet another one of Rosie's victim in the grass? I do, but my pride in her skills as a huntress outweighs my sadness. It's an impressive feat.

Squirrels, though, are a different thing entirely. Rosie has only managed to get her paws on a squirrel once (that I'm aware of), and it bounded away unscathed. Squirrels are fast, and they can juke like rodent running backs. Catching a squirrel is a fool's errand. 

Case in point: Saturday night, at a Columbus Clippers game against the Buffalo Bisons, a squirrel got loose on the field, and the attempts to catch this critter were mostly unsuccessful and frequently hilarious. Check it out below.