Lonely nights

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Some Nicholas Sparks novels translate beautifully to the big screen (The Notebook); others, not so much (A Walk to Remember). Nights in Rodanthe is one that would've been best left to Hallmark Channel.

The movie abandons the story-told-in-flashback structure of the novel and instead sets the romance between Adrienne (Diane Lane), a divorced mother who escapes to the coast to consider her cheating ex's plea to reunite, and Paul (Richard Gere), a plastic surgeon in town to visit the family of a patient who died inexplicably, in the present day.

Despite Paul arriving at the inn a selfish big-city jerk and Adrienne being an emotionally fragile wreck who can't stop talking about her ex, they quickly fall in love. Well, of course - they're two incredibly attractive people riding out a hurricane together in an empty coastal inn.

But this isn't just some fling. It's a life-changing romance that, in a matter of days, transforms Paul from a guy who rarely talks to his son to one who writes passionate love letters. It brings Adrienne out of her self-pitying shell and in touch with her inner artist. The message - your romantic partner should bring out the best in you - is nice, but it's still hard to buy these total transformations.

Still, if you liked The Notebook, this may appeal to you, and if you're easily choked up, bring some tissues.