Bloody awful

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

From Darren Lynn Bousman, director of three of the five Saw films, comes a new goth musical hoping to snag its black-polished talons into the incredibly long coattails of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The result is a bloody mess, an incoherent plot about a medical mega-corp that sells organs on an installment plan (and repossesses them if a payment's late), familial discord, surgical addiction and long-simmering vengeance set to a score fusing Andrew Lloyd Weber with the 99.7 The Rock playlist.

When it verges on chaos or star Alexa Vega's limited vocal range gets to be too much, Bousman turns to his bag of tricks and finds only extreme gore, stunt casting (Paris Hilton, Joan Jett), frames filled with that blue-light bath directors use to make a space look scary, and the standard goth tropes of pale skin, creepy children's toys and pinned insect specimens.

It might all be kind of fun if Bousman were less interested in chasing an eternally loyal niche audience and more interested in creating lasting entertainment.

The film screens Friday and Saturday at midnight at the Drexel Theatre.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Grade: D+