Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This weekend, Caan, Kahn and post-apocalyptic mutants come together at the Drexel to the delight of the sci-fi community. Along with a few old favorites, the 26th-annual Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon will screen five area premieres, the most in the marathon's history.

Among the new films are two scheduled for wide release in April. Mutant Chronicles, which stars Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane and Devon Aoki, is loosely based on a role-playing game about a post-apocalyptic society overrun by mutants.

Alien Trespass is a retro invasion film starring Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick. Drexel owner Jeff Frank said he expects it to be a hit with marathoners.

"Since the film is a tribute to the great sci-fi films of the 1950s, it's a perfect marathon movie," he said.

The event will also debut for locals Japanese mutant hunter movie Tokyo Gore Police; a documentary on the world's biggest sci-fi fan, Famous Monster: Forrest J. Ackerman; and Spanish time-travel film Timecrimes, which is already set for a David Cronenberg remake in 2011.

Classic films to be featured at the marathon include Logan's Run, the James Caan classic Rollerball and Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn. But for the uninitiated, Frank explained that the marathon is more than just feature films.

"It's classic sci-fi previews you've never seen before, it's the most unusual short films you've ever seen, it's the challenge of staying awake for 24 hours and not missing anything," he said. "It's almost like leaving the planet."

Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon

Noon-noon, March 28-29

Web: scifimarathon.com