Movie review: Obsessed

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Ripped from the pages of the ultimate work-affair horror movie, Fatal Attraction, Steve Shill's thriller follows a seemingly perfect couple - a successful money manager (Idris Elba) and his wife and former assistant (Beyonce Knowles) - as their relationship is tested by an insane office temp (Ali Larter) who puts the faithful, stand-up husband and new father "in her crosshairs."

Its trashiness can be good and laughable at times, and practically everyone lured into buying a ticket will get a kick out of the inevitable catfight, when a previously leaden Knowles finally gets all Sasha Fierce.

But between the movie's awkward soft-pedaling of erotic tension between black Elba and white Larter and its regressive gender politics and gay stereotyping, it manages to be less steamy than expected and still make you feel like you need a shower afterward.


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Grade: D+