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Another season of the country's longest-running classic film series opens this week, and while the 2009 edition of CAPA's Summer Movie Series has a few surprises in store, the opening selection is a no-brainer.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, screening July 17-19, is one of two films in the summer program to nod to Paul Newman's passing last September (the other is one of those surprises, the raunchy comedy Slap Shot). But aside from that, the 1969 Western is a cinematic all-star game and a template for the wisecracking buddy comedies that would follow.

Directed by George Roy Hill (The Sting) and fed a stream of hilarious banter by legendary screenwriter William Goldman (All the President's Men, The Princess Bride), Newman and co-star Robert Redford worked up a chemistry as good as anything they'd conjured with leading ladies over the years. Goldman won an Oscar for his part, as did composer Burt Bacharach and cinematographer Conrad Hall.

The series continues July 22-23 with more comedy, this time without all the gunfire. In The Awful Truth, screwball greats Cary Grant and Irene Dunne come together under Duck Soup director Leo McCarey as a divorcing couple too stubborn to realize they're perfect for each other.

CAPA Summer Movie Series

Starts July 17 at the Ohio Theatre