Movie review: The Ugly Truth

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Columbus Alive

The Ugly Truth is the kind of romantic comedy that first invites charges of misogyny but ultimately has enough hate to go around.

The latest from Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic may not be nice to co-star Katherine Heigl's character, but it doesn't think too highly of its audience either, offering nothing more than good-looking stars, a mindless, predictable story and just enough naughty sex talk to make things juicy without putting off the date crowd.

Gerard Butler is Mike Chadway, a cable access loudmouth who finds fame on a Sacramento network affiliate's morning show with a shtick that involves taking a lit match to books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Despite his popularity, he's loathed by Heigl's Abby, the show's control-freak producer, but she still agrees to take his advice on her stalled love life when she meets the gorgeous surgeon next door (Eric Winter).

Out goes Mars/Venus and in comes a celebration of the Madonna/whore complex. As Mike and Abby get to know and fall for each other through her surface makeover of extensions and push-up bras, they epitomize the stalest cliches of the genre: the uptight career girl who needs to get laid and the carousing bad boy who just needs the right lady to settle him down.

Thankfully seasoned improv artists John Michael Higgins and Cheryl Hines, as married co-anchors, lighten up their scenes with nice, weird energy and lines that are too random and funny to have come from this movie's script.

"The Ugly Truth"

Opens Friday

Grade: C-