Best of Columbus 48 Hour Film Project

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When the 48 Hour Film Project came to town last month, teams of local filmmakers spread across Columbus to create original shorts in 48 hours or less, each having to include a writer as a character, a large plant as a prop and the line of dialogue, "That's better than what happened to me." The results ran from a psychological thriller about a mind-controlling houseplant to a romantic comedy between two intensely committed greeting card writers, to a slasher film set at Studio 35, The Projectionist (pictured). Tonight, the theater hosts an award ceremony for the competition's winners and a screening of the shorts judged the best of the bunch. You may never look at your ficus the same way again.

Best of Columbus 48 Hour Film Project

When: 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10

Where: Studio 35 Cinema, Clintonville