Movie review: "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"

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Columbus Alive

Based on a short story in Tucker Max's book of the same name, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell chronicles a bachelor party spearheaded by Tucker (played by Matt Czuchry of Gilmore Girls) that goes horribly wrong.

Tucker, groom-to-be Dan (Geoff Stults) and woman-hater Drew (Jesse Bradford) head to an out-of-town strip club - against the wishes of Dan's fiancee (Keri Lynn Pratt) - and spend the next hour being sexist and misogynistic to every woman they meet, until two end up with strippers in their beds and the third ends up a bloody mess in the local drunk tank.

Following in the wake of this summer's surprise smash The Hangover, Beer in Hell feels like little more than a Z-grade knockoff. All the clever dialogue, entertaining sight gags and Mike Tyson cameos are replaced with jokes about fetal alcohol syndrome and chubby women. To cap it off, one character's case of diarrhea is shown in all its disgusting non-glory.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell purportedly reflects stories from Max's real life. After seeing the film, that fact is more pathetic than laudable. This movie is crass, sickening, bigoted and, most offensive of all, completely unfunny.

"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"

Opens Friday

Grade: F