Movie review: "Toy Story and Toy Story 2: 3D Double Feature"

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Columbus Alive

The limited theatrical release of Pixar's first feature and its sequel in the 3D format could simply be Disney trying to capitalize on the current lust for all things 3D, just in case the thrill is gone by the time Toy Story 3 in 3D comes out next June. At the moment, however, there's something uniquely right about this idea.

As kids enjoy favorite characters and imagery that's been digitally refreshed and deepened, parents get a recession-friendly twofer deal on theater admission and a very timely dose of empathy for workplace troubles and their effect on self-worth.

Remember, the first film is propelled by cowboy doll Woody's fear of being usurped by the new guy, and the second explores the pain of unrealized purpose through toys never played with. But if all you're looking for is beautifully crafted escapism, they still work that way too.

"Toy Story and Toy Story 2: 3D Double Feature"

Both films: A