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Pick of the week: "Up"

To those reduced to tears by the opening scenes of Pixar's latest adventure, be warned that knowing what's coming only makes it all more devastating.

But the story of an elderly widower (Ed Asner) who uproots his home and travels to South America with a massive balloon bunch and a pesky young scout - and in the process is reminded that love endures in the heart, not in a house - holds up even better on a second viewing than Pixar's previous masterpiece, WALL-E.

The release is available as a single DVD or in a set that includes DVD, Blu-ray and digital copies. Exclusive to the Blu-ray are a number of making-of shorts and additional backstory on the characters.

Both Blu-ray and DVD offer Up's original theatrical short, the abused stork saga Partly Cloudy, and Dug's Special Mission, a prequel short with breakout star Dug the talking dog. Grade: A

New this week

"The Accidental Husband"

Radio talk show therapist Uma Thurman finds her own love life complicated when her advice interrupts Jeffrey Dean Morgan's wedding plans in this romantic comedy. You might've seen in theaters if distributor Yari Film Group hadn't gone belly-up.


Writer-director Lance Hammer's contemporary Southern Gothic drama arrives after much festival exposure and two award wins at Sundance.

"Lake Tahoe"

This measured, absorbing look at a teen with car trouble is the latest from Duck Season director Fernando Eimbcke. He's sort of a Mexican Jim Jarmusch, but a little more earnest and less stingy with the emotional payoff. Grade: B

"Monsters, Inc" (4-Disc Edition)

Like Up, this Pixar re-issue of Pete Docter's delightful fantasy about a parallel monster world and its unique power supply packages DVD, Blu-ray and digital copies together with ample behind-the-scenes extras. Grade: A

"The Merry Gentlemen"

Michael Keaton directs and stars as a hit man pulled from the brink of despair by a troubled young woman (Kelly Macdonald) who happens to see him at work. It's original and thoughtful, then plodding and overworked. Grade: C+

"Pray the Devil Back to Hell"

Women rise up for political power in Liberia in Gini Reticker's critically acclaimed doc.


Kept man Ashton Kutcher develops feelings for waitress Margarita Levieva that get in the way of the lifestyle to which he's grown accustomed, courtesy of Anne Heche.

"The Ugly Truth"

This Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler battle-of-the-sexes romantic comedy is ugly, all right. Grade: C-

"Watchmen - The Ultimate Cut"

Zack Snyder's final version of the ultimate graphic novel challenge adds segments of Alan Moore's Tales of the Black Freighter to his director's cut of the theatrical feature, and clocks in at over nine hours.

"Zebraman" Special Edition

A re-release of Japanese cult filmmaker Takashi Miike's warm, silly superhero takeoff includes an extra disc with footage from the 1970s TV show that inspired it. Grade: B+

Blu-ray releases

"The General"


"Logan's Run"

"Near Dark"

"Red Heat"