Movie review: Old Dogs

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Columbus Alive

Apparently, you can't teach an old mouse new tricks either, as Disney reunites with the director of Wild Hogs for another dose of lowest-common-denominator comedy sure to make boatloads of bank at the box office.

Old Dogs teams Robin Williams and John Travolta as lifelong friends and business partners. In a plot setup handled like a bad sitcom, Williams finds out he's the father of 7-year-old twins. Hilarity ensues and, along the way, he learns something about fatherhood or friendship or something.

The following items are milked for their laugh potential (spoiler alerts, I suppose): Old dog with bladder control problem! Spray-tan mishap! Fart! Mistaken peed pants! Mistaken switched medications! Mistaken gay identity! Smeared bear poop on face! A golf ball to the nuts! Another golf ball to the nuts!

If you snickered at that list, you'll get laughs aplenty, and I supposed I can't stop you from enjoying this movie.

"Old Dogs"

Grade: C-