Movie review: "35 Shots of Rum"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The French-German import is a sweet and subtle tale of a single Paris commuter train conductor (Alex Descas) and his grown daughter (Mati Diop), a university student. Through slow revelations, we see the intertwining of their lives with those that surround them.

"35 Shots of Rum" has an unhurried pace, placing its weight behind the smallest moments of earnest sincerity. My sky-high expectations were only mildly disappointed, perhaps because I slightly prefer a similar recent release, Hirokazu Koreeda's "Still Walking."

Denis' film remains a remarkable dissection of the human condition, of loving and longing and letting go. It's a belated gift.

"35 Shots of Rum"

Opens Friday at the Gateway Film Center

Grade: B+