Movie review capsules

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Columbus Alive

"An Education"

Star Carey Mulligan earns her Oscar nomination in screenwriter Nick Hornby's excellent adaptation of a coming-of-age memoir. Grade: A-

"A Single Man"

As far as directorial debuts by fashion designers go, you aren't likely to see one better than Tom Ford's, a heart-stopping portrait of grief lined with hopefulness. Grade: B+

"A Town Called Panic"

Described as "Art Clokey on acid," this stop-motion extravaganza will appeal to children as well as kids at heart.


In his Golden Globe-winning new film, writer-director James Cameron once again combines brilliant imagery and grade-school-level storytelling. Grade: B-

"The Best Worst Movie"

Studio 35's latest double feature: this doc about "Troll 2," the worst movie in cinematic history (or is it a misunderstood masterpiece?), screening with "Troll 2"!

"Celine: Through the Eyes of the World"

Doc-concert film following the Canadian songbird on her Taking Chances tour, a 2008 outing that marked her first tour in nine years.

"Crazy Heart"

The music biopic may be a well-worn road, but this fictional tale of a grizzled country singer (Jeff Bridges) still resonates. Grade: B+

"Dear John"

Everything you need to know about this new romantic comedy can be summed up in seven simple words: "Based on a book by Nicholas Sparks." Grade: C+

"Ed Wood"

The Gateway's Late Night Movies pick is Tim Burton's biopic about a filmmaker with a passion for angora and a reputation as the worst director of all time.

"Edge of Darkness"

A complex plot prevents what could have been a taut little thriller from being anything more than an average Mel Gibson revenge flick. Grade: C

"The Lovely Bones"

Despite a great performances from Saoirse Ronan, the subject matter (the unsolved murder of a young girl) makes this a tough sell for mainstream audiences. Grade: B

"The Messenger"

A terrific war movie without a glimpse of the battlefield - gunfire is traded for raw grief as Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson's soldiers deliver news of deaths. Grade: A-

"My Name is Khan"

In the Bollywood smash, a Muslim with Asperger syndrome is detained by post-9/11 airport authorities who mistake his disability for suspicious behavior.

"Up in the Air"

Whip-smart, funny and genuinely moving - it's the perfect movie for these unemployed times, but its theme of finding connection in isolation is timeless. Grade: A

"Valentine's Day"

An astounding19 marquee-level stars are touted on the poster for this ensemble, following intertwined storylines on the most romantic day of the year.

"The Wolfman"

Benicio Del Toro stars in a remake of the classic horror film, about a man cursed by a werewolf bite.