Movie review capsules

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Columbus Alive

"35 Shots of Rum"

The French-German import is a remarkable dissection of the human condition, of loving and longing and letting go. Grade: B+

"Art & Copy"

Acclaimed doc about the thinkers behind ad campaigns like "Just Do It," "Where's the Beef?" and "Got Milk?" screens at Studio 35 this weekend.

"A Single Man"

As far as directorial debuts by fashion designers go, you aren't likely to see one better than Tom Ford's, a heart-stopping portrait of grief lined with hopefulness. Grade: B+


In his Golden Globe-winning new film, writer-director James Cameron once again combines brilliant imagery and grade-school-level storytelling. Grade: B-


The Gateway's Late Night salute to Tim Burton concludes with his black comedy about a dead couple haunting their old house, now home to a morbid Winona Ryder.

"Cop Out"

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen baseball card. Kevin Smith directs. What else do you need to know?

"The Crazies"

The remake of George Romero's horror classic centers on a Midwestern town where a mysterious toxin transforms residents into mindless killers.

"Crazy Heart"

The music biopic may be a well-worn road, but this fictional tale of a grizzled country singer (Jeff Bridges) still resonates. Grade: B+

"Dear John"

Everything you need to know about this new romantic comedy can be summed up in seven simple words: "Based on a book by Nicholas Sparks." Grade: C+

"The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra"

The low-budget indie spoofing '50s B-movies screens Saturday as part of Studio 35's New Cult Classic series.

"The Messenger"

A terrific war movie without a glimpse of the battlefield - gunfire is traded for raw grief as Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson's soldiers deliver news of deaths. Grade: A-

"Preacher's Kid"

A preacher's daughter leaves town with a traveling gospel show in a modern-day telling of the Prodigal son story.

"Shutter Island"

The Scorsese/DiCaprio reunion is a pulpy, scary labyrinth. It'll turn off those who don't like a challenge and those who expect high art from Scorsese. Grade: B+

"Up in the Air"

Whip-smart, funny and genuinely moving - it's the perfect movie for these unemployed times, but its theme of finding connection in isolation is timeless. Grade: A

"Valentine's Day"

An astounding 19 stars are touted on the poster for this ensemble, following intertwined storylines over the course of the most romantic day of the year.

"The Wolfman"

Benicio Del Toro stars in a remake of the classic horror film, about a man cursed by a werewolf bite.