Movie review: "Remember Me"

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Tweenage fans of "Twilight" vampire Edward Cullen will be sorely disappointed with Robert Pattinson as he attempts to make the leap to more adult fare with "Remember Me."

Pattinson, still pulling off his trademark brooding, plays Tyler, a surly 22-year-old. Tyler spends most of his time auditing classes at New York University, chain smoking, scowling and hanging out with his artistic, but neglected, little sister.

That is, until he meets fellow classmate Ally (Emilie de Ravin from "Lost"). Ally's similarly sullen - the film opens with her witnessing her mother's murder - but she gives Tyler something to be happy about.

Despite the film's somewhat hackneyed plot, it actually manages to be engaging, especially because of the chemistry between the likeable two leads. Pattinson is oddly reminiscent of a young Hayden Christensen. He's showing the potential to be more than just a one-franchise actor if he, unlike Christensen, can take advantage of it.

The film's biggest fault lies in three scenes of extremely excessive melodrama. The first two involve Ally and Tyler fighting with their respective fathers, played by Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan, while the third encompasses the last 15 minutes of the film.

Many will see this final "twist" coming, and it's a narrative decision that seems emotionally manipulative at best and ends an otherwise enjoyable film on a very sour note.

"Remember Me"

Opens Friday

Grade: B-