Movie review: "Chloe"

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Columbus Alive

Wife hires a prostitute to seduce her presumably cheating husband, then report back to her with all the graphic details. Yeah, that'll end well.

Liam Neeson is the husband, a college professor who chats online with his young female students a little too often for his wife's taste. That wife is Julianne Moore, a successful gynecologist (ha) who walks around at home like she's a ghost, barely given a second glance by her husband and completely ignored by her teenage son.

Playing the part of prostitute is Amanda Seyfried, apparently intent on erasing any memory of her Abba-singing days in "Mamma Mia!" She moves beyond her semi-chaste lesbian kiss with Megan Fox in last year's "Jennifer's Body" to a full-on girl-on-girl sex scene here.

There are actually some interesting things being said about how marriages inevitably lose their spark, and how desirability fades with age, especially for women. But the psychological angle is quickly abandoned, and things eventually devolve into psycho-stalker territory.

This is tawdry, B-movie erotica, and it might actually be enjoyable if Seyfried wasn't the only one who seems to be having any fun. And unfortunately, she isn't given a chance to do much more than look sexy and talk dirty.

She does a fine job at both, it's just that I'd expected more from a movie by Atom Egoyan, the filmmaker behind highbrow stuff like "The Sweet Hereafter" and "Ararat."

Opens Friday

Grade: C+