Movie review: "Fish Tank"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you met sweatpants-wearing Mia on the street, you'd dismiss her as the sort of surly, foul-mouthed teenager who has a lot of growing up left to do. And then you meet the adults in her life, and you wonder how in the hell she came out so well-adjusted.

Her mom is a bleached-blonde, welfare-abusing drunk who brings home a new boyfriend- the charming Connor. Connor seems like he might be a decent father-figure guy until he starts giving a little too much attention to 15-year-old Mia.

"Fish Tank" is a mostly bleak coming-of-age tale set in a gritty housing project outside of London, with a few rays of hope peeking out in unexpected moments.

Newcomer Katie Jarvis turns in an amazing performance as Mia. She's so compelling you can't take your eyes off her, even when she's doing awful things you can barely watch.

"Fish Tank"

Opens Friday at the Drexel

Grade: B+