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"Alice in Wonderland"

Tim Burton's 3D journey down the rabbit hole dominated at the box office, but it's mostly style over substance. Grade: B

"A Prophet"

A gritty and enthralling story that feels fresh, the French crime drama that's drawn comparisons to "The Godfather" is worth the hype. Grade: A-

"The Bounty Hunter"

From the man behind "Sweet Home Alabama" comes this painfully formulaic date movie. It's as good/bad as you think. Grade: D+


In this B-grade erotica flick, a wife hires a hooker to seduce her husband, then report back with all the details. Yeah, that'll end well. Grade: C+

"Clash of the Titans"

The beloved cult flick gets a big-budget update, but the filmmakers spent more energy bringing the Greek gods to life than giving them anything to do. Grade: D-

"Dark Knight"

Christopher Nolan's action-packed, noir take on the Batman tale is this weekend's Late Night Movie at the Gateway.

"Ghost Writer"

Roman Polanski's political thriller is a well-acted and expertly executed thriller for grown-ups from someone who knows how to pull that off. Grade: A-

"Hot Tub Time Machine"

Pulling no punches and never asking the audience to accept its irrationality, it's a clever comedy despite being inherently stupid. Grade: A

"No Impact Man"

Manhattan-based writer Colin Beavan tries to neutralize the environmental impact of his family for one year in this doc, screening at Studio 35. Grade: B

"The Room"

Tommy Wiseau's cult favorite bad movie, playing midnight Saturday at the Drexel, is so awful, giggling surrender is the only appropriate response.

"The White Ribbon"

Michael Haneke's strange and starkly beautiful black-and-white import will stick with you. Grade: A-