Movie review: "The Losers"

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In looking at my scrawled notes after a screening of "The Losers," I noticed that I had to invent a new adjective for this mindlessly fun action flick. I hereby declare it to be "testosterrific"!

Art it ain't. It's more like Michael Bay done right, if there is such a thing. It's got plenty of slow-motion 'splosions and wisecracking machismo. I have an occasional itch for over-the-top action, and this scratched the hell out of it.

Based on a comic book series, "Losers" chronicles a band of elite CIA operatives who are double-crossed on a mission and left for dead. The story is a roller coaster of betrayal and ridiculous twists. It's best to not think and roll with it.

First, we've got a movie-geek-approved cast that includes a scene-chomping Jeffrey Dean Morgan ("Watchmen"), a jokester Chris Evans ("Fantastic Four") and an ass-kicking Zoe Saldana ("Avatar," "Star Trek").

But two performances rise to the top. Idris Elba displays the same cool-but-explosive tension that made him unforgettable on "The Wire." And Jason Patric goes through the roof as an archvillain that makes most Bond baddies pale in comparison.

Director Sylvain White delivers attention-deficit action that smartly embraces its dumbness (unlike Michael Bay), and the script is way funnier than the lame-duck jokes they unwisely chose to include in the trailer.

This is probably a "love it or hate it" kind of a movie. You know where I stand.

"The Losers"

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Grade: A-