Movie review: "It Came from Kuchar"

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Columbus Alive

"It Came from Kuchar" is a loving and offbeat documentary about twin brothers George and Mike Kuchar, who have been making their unique brand of underground films since the early '60s.

Interviews with the brothers, their friends and fellow filmmakers - including the ever-entertaining John Waters - are weaved into an odd portrait of the artists as aging men.

The modern-day Kuchars are decidedly eccentric, making this a doc in the vein of great mad-genius stories like "Crumb" or "The Devil and Daniel Johnston."

Plus we get clips from their delightfully bizarre low-budget films, so there's a dash of "Ed Wood" and "American Movie."

"Kuchar" isn't quite on par with any of those touchstone movies, but fans of them - or budding filmmakers - would do well to take the strange trip to "Kuchar."

"It Came from Kuchar"

Opens Friday at the Gateway Film Center

Grade: B