Summer Movies: Top 5 do-overs

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Revisited memories are all the rage. Maybe that's why there are fewer sequels.

"The A-Team"

An '80s boyhood staple might get the same nostalgic action audience that made "Transformers" a hit. Look for over-the-top action and a solid cast.

"The Karate Kid"

This one ranks pretty high on the blasphemy-o-meter. We can stomach Jackie Chan filling in for Pat Morita, but the jury's out on Will Smith's kid, Jaden, stepping into Ralph Macchio's shoes. Speaking of which, no Elisabeth Shue?


This one is interesting. Robert Rodriguez produced this Arnold-less return to the terrifying and cool "hunter is hunted" action flick.

"Robin Hood"

Russell Crowe will be the latest in a long line of actors to tackle the folk-hero outlaw. Let's just hope his anti-tax stance doesn't feel too much like a thinly veiled Tea Party manifesto.

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

OK, it's an effects-driven Nicolas Cage vehicle that bears little resemblance to the "Fantasia" segment, but Disney wants a little Harry Potter mojo. Also stars the lovable Jay Baruchel.