Summer Movies: Top 5 movies we really hope don't suck

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

These have potential to be great. They could also blow up in our faces. Fingers crossed


The genius behind "The Dark Knight" and "Memento" pairs up with Leo DiCaprio on a super-secretive script that has something to do with people who can steal your dreams. We are so there.

"Going the Distance"

There are at least three other movies with this nondescript clunker of a title. Here's hoping fine comedians like "It's Always Sunny's" Charlie Day, SNL's Jason Sudeikis and the lovely Drew Barrymore finally make it worth remembering.

"The Other Guys"

Will Ferrell has to make another amazingly hysterical movie at some point, right? He's re-teaming with the director of "Talledega Nights" and Mark Wahlberg, so this could be it.

"Jonah Hex"

The scarred antihero of a Western-themed DC comic comes to the big screen. The action looks promising, and it has Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, but will Megan Fox ever rise above eye candy?

"The Girl Who Played With Fire"

The other two chapters of the Swedish novel trilogy that started with a bang with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" are getting a rapid-fire release. Hope it holds up.