Summer Movies: Top 5 movies to avoid

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Movie tickets cost a fortune. Don't waste your hard-earned bucks on these lame flicks.


Day in and day out, it's one of the most reliably unfunny comic strips, rehashing the same old big-dog-steals-owner's-seat jokes again and again. Why is this a movie?

"Knight and Day"

Action flick featuring two stars desperate to show they can still anchor a hit. Do you want to see the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz?


The SNL mini-sketches are funny in 10-second doses, but stretching the concept into a feature-length film seems misguided. Especially when you consider sketch-to-movie bombs like "A Night at the Roxbury" and "Superstar."

"The Expendables"

Sylvester Stallone directed and stars in this action flick about a group of mercenaries. Reading the full cast list may cause testosterone poisoning, although Dolph Lundgren is perhaps "the most underrated actor of all time."


You know, we didn't think we could get tired of Angelina Jolie doing the sexy action hero thing. We were wrong.