Summer Movies: Top 5 sequels

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Just like Christmas, summer blockbuster season seems to start earlier every year. "Iron Man 2" opens tonight, kicking off several months of star-studded popcorn flicks. Here's a look at which ones are worth seeing, and which to stay very far away from.

Summer is sequel season, but this year is kinda light on the familiar formula.

"Iron Man 2"

The huge success of the first flick established Jon Favreau as an unexpected blockbuster director and Robert Downey Jr. as a resurgent star. This one won't benefit from low expectations.

"Toy Story 3"

It's a threequel and it's in 3-D! Can you believe it's been 11 years since we last checked in with Buzz and Woody? They're pawned off to a day care center after their old owner leaves for college.

"Sex and the City 2"

The girls head on an exotic vacation to Abu Dhabi. Sure, it sounds like a ridiculous plot device, but one word makes it all OK: Aidan.

"Twilight: Eclipse"

You either won't see this latest tormented teen vampire lovefest at all, or you've had the date circled on your calendar since last winter. Either way, we're fine with that.

"Shrek Forever After"

In what's supposedly the final chapter of the Shrek saga, the lovable green ogre returns to his old pre-marriage life for one day.