Remote Patrol: "Lost" series finale

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The final episode of TV's most addictive sci-fi show airs this Sunday. Here's our wish list for the finale.

What we'd still like to know more about: The kids! Who's going to take care of Jin and Sun's daughter now that they're dead? Who's going to finish raising Aaron? And why did that psychic tell Claire that Aaron couldn't be raised by another?

What we don't really care to know more about: The crazy Egyptian goddess statue. And why Hurley never loses weight.

Best sixth-season character introduction: Allison Janney's creepy Mother, who raised Jacob and the Man in Black.

Worst sixth-season character introduction: Dogen, the dude guarding the temple, who seemed like a Very Important Person in the season premiere - till he was killed off five episodes later without having done much.

Person we most want to see live: Can you imagine the fan backlash if they killed Hurley?

Person we most want to see die: We hope they briefly bring back Nikki and Paolo just so they can kill them again.

Couple we want to see end up together: If Penelope and Desmond don't end up together, we give up on love.

Couple we'd hate to see end up together: Kate and Sawyer. Boring.

Most alluring mystery: What is the light at The Source? And is the same thing that's in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase in "Pulp Fiction"?

Most annoying mystery: In a trick pulled straight from "Sex and the City," we've never learned the Man in Black's name.

Mistake we know they will avoid: "We were just kidding. It's Purgatory after all."

Mistakes we hope they avoid: It's all something Walt wrote in a comic book (a la "St. Elsewhere's" snowglobe), fade to black

Most likely outcome for Jack: His first duty as the newly deputized Island Guardian: Killing the Man in Black and saving the day.

More interesting outcome for Jack: His Doubting Thomas becomes Christ, and he dies in defense of the island, handing the reins to another Candidate.

Cool Flash Sideways resolution: This season's alternate reality wins. Those who lack happy endings there will remain on the island.

Lame Flash Sideways resolution: The castaways battle their Flash Sideways doppelgangers, who suddenly all have pencil-thin evil moustaches.

Finale return we want to see: Charlie. He got a great sendoff (the words "Not Penny's boat" still make us sob), but this fan favorite deserves a happy ending.

Finale return we don't want to see: Walt once seemed to be of great importance to the island, but it doesn't seem like there's enough time to bring him back.

Sixth-season's most improved character: We've really come around on Jack. It took him long enough.

Sixth-season's least improved character: One of last season's most-improved has been spinning his wheels this season. We care less about Sawyer than ever.

Best setup for a big finish: Ben Linus has practically faded into the background for this final season, but his seeming alliance with The Man in Black sets up a juicy ending to his story.

Worst setup for a big finish: Charles Widmore was the ultimate mysterious evil force. Now he's apparently dead, and unless he gets the finale to himself, we don't think he'll get resolution.

When: 9 p.m. Sunday, May 23 on ABC