Movie review: "Micmacs"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The latest film from "Amelie" director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has just enough in common with that 2001 gem that fans should hop on board.

Of course, the earlier film's tale of a lovely and well-intentioned matchmaker is replaced with one of elaborate (but funny) revenge on a pair of arms manufacturers in "Micmacs." But the films both share the same tone.

Jeunet has a well-honed sense of whimsy and a knack for dreamy visuals, both of which are on display here. His joyfully childlike worlds inspire plenty of grins.

The story he constructs is a contraption that gets a bit too complicated, but how it unfolds is fun (and best left a surprise).

Jeunet's playful touch and creativity make for a perfect way to beat the heat in a theater this weekend.


Opens Friday

Three stars