Movie review: "Trash Humpers"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I was 22 minutes into "Trash Humpers" when I officially dubbed it the strangest film I've ever seen, and really, it wasn't close.

It's the latest from Harmony Korine, the lo-fi provocateur behind such films as the white trash opus "Gummo." It may be his most out-there film to date, and that's saying something.

Shot on VHS tape (complete with tracking issues and snuff-film creepiness), it follows a group of miscreants in old-people makeup through a variety of abhorrent behaviors in suburbia.

And yes, among other things, they literally hump trash cans. A lot.

"Humpers" alternates between incoherent, abrasive, shocking and bizarre. The exercise drags on for an endless 78 minutes.

That said, it's certainly unlike anything else you'll see in the theater this weekend, and it's often nightmarishly difficult to look away from. I can't really recommend it, but I can't recommend that you miss it.

"Trash Humpers"

Opens Friday at the Gateway

2 stars