Movies: Everything is Terrible!

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There's a disturbing web video out there featuring babies sitting in front of green screens while they "sing" the children's rhyme "Ten Little Indians."

Titled "Singing Babies," it's one of many bizarre shorts featured on the website Everything is Terrible!, a salute to the unintentional humor of long-forgotten VHS tapes.

Two of the site's founders, the mysteriously named Commodore Gilgamesh and Yonder Vittles, picked this particularly twisted video as their favorite. Vittles called it "the surrealist of the surreal."

That surreal experience will jump from the internet to the real world this weekend, with the Everything is Terrible! crew set to put on a live show at Studio 35.

Featuring Gilgamesh, Vittles and fellow founder Future Schlock in a fuzzy monster costume, the show will also include a screening of the group's new movie, "2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift."

"The movie comes from hundreds and hundreds of hours of material. It's much weirder and more psychedelic," Schlock said. "We also have exclusive videos that you can't see anywhere else."

Site co-founder Ghoul Skool (who is not part of the tour) warned that some of the material they've compiled for the movie "you just can't un-see."

"Our live shows are like opening up a vortex to a place where Jim Henson and The Heaven's Gate cult meet," he said.

The site was started by a group of Ohio University students who discovered they had a mutual love of truly terrible VHS videos. Skool said the group still finds most of the videos themselves, hunting through thrift stores.

"The adventure of finding footage is not unlike a paleontologist hunting for trilobite fossils, except what we do is a lot sexier," he said.

The group doesn't always come away with winners, though.

"Sometimes you'll find something that has a really interesting cover and you're really excited about it," Schlock said, "but it turns out to just be boring."

Everything is Terrible!

Saturday, July 10

Studio 35, Clintonville