Movie review: "Predators"

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The Robert Rodriguez-produced reboot "Predators" delivers an awesome popcorn action experience in a summer that's needed one. It isn't stupid, it just doesn't overthink itself -- and that's refreshing.

The movie doesn't mess around, opening on a shot of a dazed Brody awakening in the sky mid-freefall. He rough-lands in a thick jungle, soon meeting an array of equally confused (and equally well-armed) strangers.

Brody's unnamed mercenary soon comes to an eerie deduction: They ain't in Kansas anymore. "This planet is a game preserve ... and we're the game." Oh, and the hunters are beefy aliens with fanged fish faces, lasers and heat vision.

Fans of the 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger should be stoked. Director Nimrod Antal has taken the series back to the jungle and restored that sort of "Jaws" tension the first "Predator" evoked.

The pacing is near-perfect. Things stay straightforward for the most part, which is a good thing. There's just a sprinkling of well-placed plot wrinkles and action sequences that leave the jungle littered with empty shell casings.

An unexpected action hero, Brody does the gravel-voiced Christian Bale act and is surprisingly awesome. Topher Grace is another piece of a solid ensemble, playing a mousy and out-of-place doctor.

It seems like Hollywood's always messing with a good thing. In this case, they got it right, and I'd be down with a sequel.


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Three and a half stars