Movie review: "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

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Columbus Alive

The documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is a film by Banksy, the notoriously reclusive British graffiti artist, but he is not its star.

While it does an amazing job of documenting the "street art" that Banksy and the like have advanced, "Gift Shop" is also a fascinating look at one of the documenters of that scene, frenetic French filmmaker Thierry Guetta.

He is, to put it mildly, a colorful character, increasingly dominating the doc as his compulsive filming of artists gives way to becoming an artist himself.

The film works as a personality portrait, but it also works as a streetwise discussion of the nature of art itself.

If you get hung up on documentaries, here's one to give a shot. It's as funny and entertaining as most of the fictional films out now.

"Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Opens Friday at the Drexel

Three and a half stars