TV review: "Jersey Shore"

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Fist pumps away: The kids from "Joisey" (kind of) are back!

This time the guido/guidette crew has taken its talents to South Beach to join with Dwayne Wade wait, that's a different sellout.

So, even though Snooki, "The Sitch" (yes, that's what he's calling himself now) and the gang settled their contract disputes, they still have problems just like regular people.

Snooki has cut back on tanning because she can't afford Obama's 10 percent tanning tax. "The Sitch" and Pauly D must share a room with Season One's early evictee Angelina - a girl they both hooked up with after the first season. Sounds kind of "brocestuous."

All in all, things are mostly the same - drinking, clubbing, fighting and GTL - for everybody's favorite reality whores from the shore. It's a train wreck, but you just can't look away.

"Jersey Shore" premiere

Tonight on MTV

Three stars