Movie review: "Winnebago Man"

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Columbus Alive

More than 20 years ago, Jack Rebney starred in an industrial film touting the benefits of the Winnebago. A collection of outtakes depicts Rebney in a series of obscenity-laden tirades that are unparalleled.

The outtakes were passed around via dubbed VHS tapes. Then came YouTube. Soon Rebney was the angriest man on the internet.

The documentary "Winnebago Man" catches up with Rebney and finds him living an isolated life atop a mountain in Northern California.

Director Ben Steinbauer stumbles a bit with introductions, but once he meets up with Rebney, the documentary becomes one of the funniest, sweetest things to hit the big screen in recent memory.

Rebney is sharp-witted and endlessly fascinating as he spins profanity into poetry. Think of it as "S--- My Winnebago Spokesman Says," and check it out.

"Winnebago Man"

Opens Friday at the Gateway

3.5 stars out of 4