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" 10,000 Ways to Die: The Spaghetti Western Film Collection"

Oct. 12

$10 (DVD)


It's odd to think that thousands of Italians were riding horses, chasing banditos and slinging six-shooters during the heyday of the Spaghetti Western. Still, the action genre that emerged in the 1960s played a crucial role in American cinema and brought to prominence numerous big-screen legends. The legacy of dust, daring deeds, tumbleweeds and glory is contained here in 12 films, including "Four Dollars of Revenge," "Seven Guns for Timothy" and "Now They Call Him Sacramento."

"How to Train Your Dragon"

Oct. 15

$30 (DVD), $40 (Blu-ray)


Vikings don't have to fight dragons - they can put down their swords, say hello and begin friendships with the giant fire-breathing beasts. That's the discovery of young warrior Hiccup, adorable protagonist of this animated kids' flick. It's cute to be sure, but there's enough action and eye candy for audiences of any age.

"Please Give"

Oct. 19

$29 (DVD), $35 (Blu-ray)


Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) are a Manhattan couple trying to negotiate affluence and charity in this charming, quirky comedy from director Nicole Holofcener.


Oct. 19

$30 (DVD), $40 (DVD)


A bunch of criminals are dropped into a game preserve, where they must survive against the horrific bionic aliens first battled by Schwarzenegger in 1987. Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne star.

"Jonah Hex"

Oct. 12

$24 (DVD), $30 (Blu-ray)


Josh Brolin's talent and Megan Fox's looks collide in this story of a mysterious (and possibly undead) cowboy outlaw who must stop a terrorist to clear the price on his head.