Movie review: "Freakonomics"

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Columbus Alive

Remember "Freakonomics," Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's 2005 nonfiction book that used pop-culture-friendly topics to trick millions of people into reading about, well, economics?

I was a big fan of the book, and I guess I was expecting too much of a documentary version from some of my favorite filmmakers, like Seth Gordon ("The King of Kong") and Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me").

I figured the film might tackle new issues using the same research tactics employed in the book. Instead what you get is dramatic re-tellings of some of the most talked-about chapters of the book, most notably Levitt and Dubner's theory that a decrease in crime in the '90s can be explained by the legalization of abortion in the '70s.

It's a very interesting and very controversial theory, but this film adds absolutely nothing to the debate. And that's the problem with the whole movie. Read the book instead.


Opens Friday

2 stars out of 4