Movie review: Vanishing on 7th Street

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A new movie that's part of the Gateway's "Nightmares on High Street" series has an interesting take on the zombie genre - there aren't any zombies in it.

"Vanishing on 7th Street" doesn't have the traditional undead roaming the streets, but it sure feels like a zombie movie. And it's actually a pretty good one.

Set in Detroit - scary already - it revolves around a mysterious global event. A movie theater projectionist (John Leguizamo) is going about his routine when a blackout hits. In the theater he just finds piles of clothes, the only evidence anyone was just there.

"Vanishing" has a B-list cast that also includes Thandie Newton and Hayden "Don't Call Me Anakin" Christensen, but it's a scary idea even without great actors.

As darkness takes over - the daylight decreases each day - the familiar survival plans of a zombie apocalypse set in. No zombies here per se, just creeping shadowy figures, but fans of the genre will enjoy it.

This isn't reinventing the wheel; it's a throwback to the original "Night of the Living Dead." But there's a nice creepiness to the affair, especially as the events remain a mystery.

It might have worked better as a "Twilight Zone" episode, but it's still worth a ticket.

Vanishing on 7th Street

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3 stars out of 4