Movie review: All Good Things

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The high-society crime drama "All Good Things" is loosely based on a true high-society crime story. It's a fictionalized version of those unsolved events.

The end result is intriguing, with a dash of a love story here and a twisty whodunit there. A fine performance by Ryan Gosling glues the mishmash together.

Spanning "true events from 1971 to 2007," it follows David Marks (Gosling), son of a New York real estate baron (Frank Langella).

David meets and marries working-class Katie (Kirsten Dunst), whose eventual disappearance is the central mystery of the film.

"All Good Things" marks the feature film debut of director Andrew Jarecki, who was nominated for an Oscar for his haunting documentary "Capturing the Friedmans."

It's solid, though there is some clunkiness as Jarecki shifts tone from love story to thriller. In fact, the final act sometimes comes off as a ridiculous "Dateline" crime reenactment - but somehow not in a bad way.

The key is Gosling, who was robbed - robbed, I say! - of an Oscar nod for his work in "Blue Valentine." He's not on that level here, but he still chews up the scenery.

"Good Things" is more of a pulpy page-turner than a fine novel, but there's certainly a place for that. Give it a whirl.

All Good Things

Opens Friday at the Drexel

3 stars out of 4