Movie review: Source Code

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Here's what you need to know: "Source Code" is pretty much this year's "Inception." And the less you know going in, the better.

If you trust me, stop reading. If you need more convincing, keep going.

We meet Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) on a commuter train headed for Chicago. He seems disoriented. We soon learn why.

Colter doesn't know why he's on this train. Or why the lovely woman seated with him (Michelle Monaghan) seems to know him. Or why the train he's on suddenly explodes.

It turns out Colter is part of a top-secret military experiment, thrust into an eight-minute loop of another man's memory in an effort to thwart a pending terrorist attack.

Essentially, "Source Code" boils down to "Groundhog Day" meets "The Manchurian Candidate." To this critic, that sounds like the formula for awesome.

Director (and David Bowie offspring) Duncan Jones follows up his stellar debut "Moon" with another great high-concept sci-fi effort.

This may not be an art flick, but it's wildly entertaining. The script by Ben Ripley wrings some great thrills out of the concept. And the whole thing clocks in at a nice, tense hour and a half.

Some might be too put off by the domestic terrorism plot, and I'm sure there are plot holes to be found. I had a blast. Don't miss it.

Source Code

Opens Friday

4 stars out of 4