Movie review: Trust

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The very technology that makes our lives easier is adding new complexities to one of the most important aspects of life: being a parent.

The family drama "Trust" tackles the challenges of raising kids in the online age in a portrayal sure to move - and terrify - parents.

Will and Lynn Cameron (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) are parents with an idyllic life in suburban Chicago. Their children are well-adjusted, loving and seemingly perfect.

When their 14-year-old daughter (Liana Liberato) is lured into sex by a middle-aged man posing as a teen while chatting online, the ripples impact every facet of their lives.

The shocker: One of the most emotionally devastating dramas I've seen this year was directed by a former "Friends" cast member.

David Schwimmer developed "Trust" for the screen but first produced it as a stage play. It's evident in the way he lets his actors shine.

Owen is devastating as a father blinded by rage and his own impotence to protect his daughter. His onscreen parental partner, Keener, is great support.

But the young Liberato is the revelation here. Her embodiment of the awkwardness of youth makes her betrayal and victimization sting all the more.

A few moments of clunkiness are forgiven, as Schwimmer avoids turning things into an after-school special or a revenge flick. "Trust" is a smart and important drama.


Opens Friday

3 1/2 stars out of 4