Movie review: Born to Be Wild

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There's been an ebb and flow to the explosion of 3D movies, as fickle audiences are proving that they will not, in fact, watch anything if you slap it on the screen in 3D. (See recent flops of "Mars Needs Moms" and "Drive Angry 3D.")

So the IMAX nature documentary "Born to Be Wild" asks audiences an interesting question: Are you willing to pay full price for positively gorgeous 3D but only a 40-minute movie?

Narrated by - wait for it, wait for it - Morgan Freeman, "Born" documents animal sanctuaries that rescue orphaned orangutans and elephants, raising them for a return to the wild.

Were this doc not in 3D, you might expect to see it on a Friday night on Animal Planet. It's interesting enough on its own, but nothing really special.

Of course, it is in 3D and IMAX. And it is frankly stunning.

Watching elephants in a breathtaking Kenyan landscape or playful orangutans is an enthralling experience. The depth and realism is top-notch.

Is it worth a full 3D ticket price to ooh and ahh for less than an hour? I say yes. We need more 3D movies like this, and less like "The Last Airbender."

Born to Be Wild

Opens Friday

3 stars out of 4