TV review: Gigolos

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Columbus Alive

All I can say about Showtime's "Gigolos" is, wow! Yes, the title is dead-on - a reality show about straight male escorts in Las Vegas.

It's basically a real-life "Entourage," if Vinnie, Ari and the crew amplified the asininity by drinking a super-douche serum. What else would you expect from guys who have sex for money and spend more time GTLing than the "Jersey Shore" guys?

What's more irritating than the absolute toolbags on "Gigolos" is the sex. The excessive graphic carnality feels completely unrealistic.

I call B.S. here. The sex (and plenty of full-frontal nudity) feels set up. I don't think that many women - or men, for that matter - would be so willing to air their kink publicly, even if they did get a discount.


11 p.m. Thursdays on Showtime

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