5 awesome computer-animated movies (that weren't made by Pixar)

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In the CG animation world, there's Pixar and there's everyone else. I mean, they pretty much created a whole new Oscar category just to honor them every year they make a movie.

Pixar may be the best, but they're not the only game in town. (See this week's release of the lush bird tale "Rio.")

Here are five awesome CG animated features from the other guys.

5. "Flushed Away"

Amazing use of new technology to get a tried-and-true claymation look. This one was from the people behind "Wallace & Gromit," and it showed.

4. "How to Train Your Dragon"

DreamWorks took a fun boy-and-his-dragon concept and made it fly. It also had some of the best use of 3D ever seen in theaters.

3. "Despicable Me"

It was easy to root for the bad guy in "Despicable Me," a fading arch villain whose heart was melted by three orphans. Also, he had adorable minions.

2. "Shrek"

This was the movie that made other animation studios think they had a shot. A great concept, well-executed, with a great cast. Sure, they made a few too many sequels, but what do you expect when a movie makes a ton of money?

1. "Rango"

Industrial Light & Magic earns the Rookie of the Year honors for the most recent non-Pixar entry. The effects studio's stab at a Wild West-ish comedy was visually original and way entertaining, thanks in part to great voice work from Johnny Depp.