Staff Pick: Charlie Chaplin retrospective

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Columbus Alive

Look up an image of Charlie Chaplin not in character, and you may be surprised by how unrecognizable he is.

That's partly because the image of the movie star indelibly burned in our psyche is one of him with a thick mustache, thicker brows, top hat and cane. But it's also a testament to how great an actor he was.

Chaplin transformed completely into someone else - a skill made even more impressive considering most of his movies were silent. The physical comedy he masterminded continues to influence actors such as Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean!) and Johnny Depp.

Watch Chaplin throughout the month at the Wexner's double-feature showings of his movies. Selected reels include his silent movie work, like 1921's "The Kid," and his transformation to the talkies.

Tramp along:

Wexner Center

May 5-26

1871 N. High St., Campus