Movie review: Bridesmaids

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Female-fronted comedies are few and far between. Really funny ones are even more rare.

I'm proud to report that there is finally, finally a female ensemble movie that is gut-bustingly funny. "Bridesmaids" is the best comedy in years.

Annie (Kristen Wiig) is pretty much broke in love and life. Her bakery was a victim of the recession, and the closest thing she has to a relationship is a smarmy guy who uses her for sex (a hysterical Jon Hamm).

When her best friend (Maya Rudolph) gets engaged, Annie gets maid-of-honor duties, which involve wrangling a mismatched bunch of bridesmaids through the more ridiculous aspects of the wedding process.

This is not merely "The Hangover" for ladies. It's funnier, smarter and has way more engaging characters.

Producer Judd Apatow has become the Steven Spielberg of comedy. Whether he's producing or directing, he's kicking out quality, time after time. No exception here.

I've always suspected Wiig was way funnier than the crap she gets handed on SNL. She co-wrote the script and is pitch-perfect in the lead.

Best of all? It isn't full of insulting stereotypes about marriage-obsessed women.

There aren't just cheap gags; the laughs are steady and sustained. You won't have more fun this weekend.

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Opens Friday

3 1/2 stars out of 4